Zahraa Al Yasiry

I am an Arabic A teacher for primary. My goal is to set up the basis of Arabic language in children and make them recognize the importance and beauty of their language, and to create a generation of readers that are proud of their language and this could be achieved by following different modern strategies that combine learning and fun with taking into account individual differences, as our main goal is to provide an environment where all students are happy in class.

About Me

My name is Zahraa Abdul Ghafoor Al-Yasiry, I was born and raised in a wonderful country called Iraq. My hobbies are drawing and reading. My relationship with my students is very beautiful, I learned from them patience and giving with love, and every day they add something new to my experience.

My Experience

I graduated in 1998 from Al-Mustansiriya University / Baghdad – Iraq, with Bachelor’s degree in Arabic. I taught in Iraq for one year, then came to UAE to continue my teaching journey for more than twenty years in several schools and still going on, as this is my sixth year at Al-Safa Community School and I am proud to be a part of it.

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