Rehab Khalifa

I am an expert and driven Arabic senior leader with experience of leading Arabic departments across for 15 years in different international schools in Dubai.  I am holding a higher Diploma in Arabic language with a master degree in Education MLP, NPQML from institute of London with M.Ed. in education- Management, Leadership, and Policy (MLP) – British University in Dubai (research stage).

About Me

As Head of Arabic, I am passionate about driving standards and excellence of Arabic language, ensuring all students receive personalised levels that compliment a range of student abilities.

My philosophy as a Head of Arabic and as an Arabic teacher is to help students to learn by practising and by experiencing the fun and the value of learning Arabic language. I have been in Dubai for 24 years and I am passionate about cooking and reading. In my spare time I cook different cuisines for my family and my friends

My Experience

I have joined Safa Community School in 2016. In my previous school of ten years in Dubai, I was a senior leader and Head of Arabic and Islamic. I was also selected by Horizon English school for the Thresh holding award and was selected as an excellent practitioner. At SCS, I like to offer an Arabic classes for parents as I believe that parents are considered as one of the basic pillars of the learning process.

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