Mohtasham Bahadur

Hi, I’m Mo, I am a DT Technician and my role is prepare resources for lessons as well as assist within lesson that the student are engaged with tools and machinery used with the right safety protocols (and that all students leave with the same amount of fingers as the entered with).

About Me

I lived in Dubai most of my life except when I went to London for my BSc in Architecture from UEL. I am a Special needs coach/educator and teacher. I have devoted my life to help People of Determination whether it be in Sports or life skills in general, due to having an Autistic younger sibling (also being somewhere on the spectrum myself). My passion to teach has led to a state where I can help influence as many of the next generation as possible to not just be good students but great human beings as well. I pride myself in keeping my inner child alive which allows me to contemplate the world in curious wonder as well as strive to bring joy to my surroundings. I enjoy playing Games. Basketball, Animes, Volunteering, exploring and picking up new skills.

My Experience

Being a Special needs Sports Coach since 2014 helping People of Determination understand the fundamentals of various sports as well as improving general fitness and motor skills. An Inclusion teacher for 2 years helping SEND students for Maths and Science; whether it’s in-class, 1:1 or in small groups, helping them complete their GCSE/KS3 exams. Since 2021 I made the jump to become an Art & DT Technician helping both departments with my creativity as well as assisting within classes to aid the student unleash their innovation whilst doing so in a safe and conscientious manner. I Also teach Science at Science camps where we unlock childrens’ minds by making Science fun with interesting experiments and demonstrations that excites students in a way their schools’ textbooks can not.

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