Mathew Ashton

Mathew Ashton

My name is Mathew Ashton and I am from Oxford in England and I have been a teacher of Geography and PE for the past 11 years.

About Me

I graduated from St. Mary’s College in London with a degree in Sports Science and Geography. I then went on to complete a Masters in Science which I studied in the USA. When I am not teaching, I am a huge sports fan and you will often find me in competitive situations. I love running and this has been a big part of my life since I was very young.  I am currently an ASICs FrontRunner and I am passionate about encouraging others to take up running.

My Experience

Since becoming a teacher 11 years ago, most of my teaching career has been in the Middle East. I joined Safa Community School in 2016 as Head of Pastoral Care and part of the Leadership team. I also taught Geography throughout all the key stages. Prior to joining Safa, I was a Pastoral Leader at Regent International School where I also taught Geography and PE in Secondary. Aside from leadership, I also taught in a behavioural centre in London supporting students who struggled with a school environment.

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