Katherine Denton

Katherine Denton

Katherine Denton

I am very excited to be working at Safa Community School as the Head of Primary Music. I look forward to inspiring many children to join in with music making throughout the school.

About Me

I live in Dubai with my husband and two children who are also attending Safa Community School. We love exploring the UAE and travelling abroad. I really enjoy performing and have played many times in the UAE as part of a string quartet. I also sang on stage with The Rolling Stones when they performed in Abu Dhabi!

Why I love teaching Music?

Music is fun and music is inclusive! I love to teach music because it is a subject that everyone can enjoy and take part in. Music helps brain development, supports academic growth  and benefits children in all areas of their education.  It also provides a creative outlet for students which is great for mental health. I love making practical music with the students, seeing their progress throughout the years at school and working towards exciting performances! 

My Experience

I graduated from the Royal Academy of Music, London, with a First-Class honours degree. In London, I worked for Live Music Now, a charity which involved giving musical workshops in hospitals, special needs schools and prisons. I moved to the UAE in 2010 for my first International teaching post and completed my PGCE. I am very passionate about music education and the benefits it can bring to all students. I play the ‘cello, piano and I love to sing! I have experience teaching music to all the year groups in Primary and I love to rehearse choirs and ensembles to prepare for concerts. I can’t wait to start making music at Safa Community School! 

My specialism is the ‘cello. I also play piano, recorder, double bass and sing.

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