Holly Fawcett

Holly Brady

Hello, I’m Mrs Fawcett and I have been a teacher here at Safa Community School for the last 2 years. My children are going into year 2. I have been teaching here 3 years now

About Me

I have been teaching PE & Sports for 11 years in the UK, Qatar & more recently in Dubai. I graduated in 2009 from Leeds Metropolitan University in BSc Sports Coaching. From here I went on to do a Graduate Teacher Programme also at Leeds Metropolitan from which I qualified in 2010. My main sport is Hockey and have been very lucky throughout the years to play at a variety of levels and in a number of different countries. I have a special love for Gymnastics and really enjoy coaching Swimming and Netball.

My Experience

Teaching here for 3 years at Safa Community School and 4 additional years in the Middle East. Previously in Qatar; Head of Girls PE and Head of Year. I have a genuine passion for all Sports. Main sports that I have competed in through the years include: Hockey, Netball, Gymnastics, Athletics, Swimming, & Trampolining.

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