Feras Al Tahaineh

I am delighted to have the opportunity to welcome our students to Islamic studies for the new academic year at SCS. I am from Amman, the capital of Jordan. I moved to Dubai in 2019 and joined Safa Community School in 2020.

About Me

As well as enjoying teaching, I have also enjoyed traveling to the other Emirates in the UAE and other countries all over the world. The Islamic Studies Department in SCS aims at creating an enjoyable, practical method of learning and teaching Islam. The school holds the subject in great importance and offers to care for the Muslim community in the best possible way. Before moving to join SCS, I worked in Jordan 2 years, Saudi Arabia for 4 years, and for 11 years in Al Ain as an Associate Principal for Arabic and Islamic Studies teacher at Al Ain English Speaking School. I am encouraged by how much the Islamic team is dedicated on enriching the knowledge in Islamic studies in the school. Aiming for a better performance in using innovation and creativity in all aspects of students’ learning journey. Aim to drive standards in Islamic studies. 

My favourite activities are football, basketball, and most of all sport activities!

My Experience

I am proud of Arabic as a language, which was the reason to choose to get my Bachelor’s degree in Arabic, a High Diploma in Teaching Islamic Studies & Arabic, followed by a teaching career. I have also just completed my Masters degree in Educational Leadership at Abu Dhabi University.

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