Claudia Fang


Hi, my name is Yun Fang, also known as Claudia. I teach Mandarin language at SCS. I grew up in Sichuan, China and later immigrated to New Zealand, where I studied at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch. I relocated to Dubai with my family in 2013.

About Me

I’ve been living in Dubai since 2014. I have been working in international schools for over 10 years, and have taught Mandarin since 2017, teaching both native and non-native speakers from 3-15 years old. I am married with two daughters, who are both in secondary school. During my spare time, I love to play a traditional Chinese musical instrument – the guqin.

My Experience

I started to teach Mandarin in 2017 at Nord Anglia international School in Dubai, where I taught both Primary and Secondary students. I have experience in preparing Primary students for the YCT (Youth Chinese Test) and helping Secondary students prepare for their HSK (International Chinese Exam) and IGCSE Mandarin exam. I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for the Chinese language and culture with my students.

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