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At SCS we aim to enable our learners to have success for today and to be prepared for tomorrow. 

Careers guidance and development programmes make a major contribution to preparing young people for the possibilities, opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life. At Safa, a planned progressive programme of activities supports from year 7 – 13 to develop an awareness of employability skills and understanding of opportunities in the working world that suit their interests and abilities and help them follow a sustainable career path.

Eleanor Nolan

Student Careers & University Advisor

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The programmes offer a multi-strand approach, where seeds of possibilities are planted through the LIFE programme, where the development of work experience opportunities take place throughout the GCSE years and where REACH is central to the post-16 provision. As the programmes develop it is the facilitation of learning opportunities whereby university experiences are sought out, both virtually and through summer opportunities globally. It is the hosting of careers and university fairs, ensuring that the school community is aware of all virtual and in person opportunities through the weekly newsletter. Students are met with in assemblies and through a series of in person one to one meeting where we will build a profile of the individual students’ interests and aptitudes. Our vision is to ensure students have the opportunity to engage with possibilities, have conversations and spend quality time reflecting on how they would like to make their mark on the world. 


Safa Community School has the following objectives when delivering the careers programme in school: 

  • To plan and provide a stable careers programme for our learners 
  • To address the needs of all students 
  • To link curriculum learning to careers
  • To provide opportunities for student to encounter employers and employees 
  • To support students to obtain work experience placements at year 10 and 12 
  • To provide opportunities for students to encounter further and higher education 
  • To provide personal guidance to students on careers education 
  • To educate our parents on the careers pathway for their child


Careers Education is delivered during LIFE lesson and Pastoral time in Years 7 – 11. All students are offered the same opportunities and all resources are shared on google classroom for them to access. The school will use the Unifrog platform for students to research and store information about themselves and their future career plans.

The LIFE programme will facilitate and help to deliver an entire careers module to the students. Years 7 and 8 will investigate employability skills, interests and work preferences to match against suitable occupations, an enterprise challenge and a series of finance modules including saving and utilising funds. Year 9 will encompass an exploration of KS4 and KS5 future options with a focus on individual career paths. They will also research into the labour market, their expectations of job availability and learn about borrowing money. Year 9 students will sit the Morrisby Aptitudes careers test to help them decide on the most appropriate options for Key Stage 4.

Students in year 10 will have exposure to employers and employees to provide impartial careers advice and options. Students will have dedicated sessions to explore their future career options. They will write Cover letters with CVs, have mock interviews and they will be introduced to personal statement writing in preparation for year 12. They also have the opportunity to complete one week of work experience during term 2. 

Students in year 11 will focus on post 16 personal statements and applications. Individual action plans and interviews will be available for those who require it. Mock interviews for different pathways and institutions will also be available for those who require it. The focus is post 16 options and the Application process.

Students in the sixth form will be focussing on their personal statements and UCAS applications and they search for viable University and further education opportunities. The school careers counsellor will help facilitate this process along with the Pastoral Heads of Year. Year 12 students will partake in the REACH programme which provides them with work experience opportunities.


The secret to success in the Sixth Form is undoubtedly time management! You have to develop the self-discipline to work on your own and to juggle the demands of academic work and all the other opportunities too; this is an essential prerequisite to surviving not just the Sixth Form but university and also the world of work.

Sixth Formers play a key role in many aspects of school life. The Sixth Form student body will provide the Senior School with student leadership roles, e.g. President, Vice President with a Cabinet of Senior Prefects.

The Sixth Form will reflect an outstanding record of academic success, built on the high calibre of you the students and the excellence of our teaching, supported by first class facilities, small teaching groups and a well-developed system of support and guidance. For the vast majority of students all this combines to provide the very best environment in which to fulfil your potential and secure the best possible A-Level grades which are of course the passport to university places and rewarding future careers.

Implementation of Careers Guidance

  • Google Classroom – tutor groups from year 9 upwards are provided with an online Careers Google classroom which is a digital platform to guide and support the Careers Curriculum and update them on a variety of Careers and Enterprise opportunities. 
  • Independent Careers Advice – the school careers counsellor will provide independent and impartial Careers advice and guidance. This service is primarily available for year 11 students. 
  • Careers Lessons – Careers lessons via the school LIFE program.
  • Unifrog – each student will have an individual login for the careers platform that will be theirs for the entirety of their schooling at Safa. This is where they can log all their research and advisors make notes, attached references and CVs.

Parental involvement is encouraged at all stages. Online resources have been specifically chosen to help parents become more involved. All online resources are easily accessed through the links on the school website. Parents are kept up to date with careers related information through letters, newsletters and at open evenings. Parents are welcome at careers interviews and where necessary are invited. 

All staff will have an involvement in the LIFE program and its teaching in different year groups. The Careers Leader is responsible for maintaining all Careers resources, support and provision.

The Careers curriculum includes careers education sessions, career guidance activities (group work and individual interviews), information and research activities, work related learning and individual learning activities. 

The school will look to host and find opportunities for students to attend events that allow them to discuss and research careers further. The main school event of the year will be the annual careers fair in December when business professionals and Universities from around Dubai will come and talk to the students.

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