The Alliance for Sustainable Schools

The Alliance for Sustainable Schools (TASS)

Safa Community School has officially become a member of The Alliance for Sustainable Schools (TASS). This partnership reflects our deep commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable practices. By joining this alliance, we’re opening new doors for our school community to learn, grow, and actively contribute to a more eco-conscious world. Together with other like-minded schools and organisations, we’ll be working on exciting projects and initiatives aimed at creating a greener and healthier future.

About TASS

TASS is a dynamic network of schools working hand in hand to tackle sustainable challenges in four crucial areas: school uniforms, school buses, school food and school buildings. Through TASS, SCS will have access to valuable resources, training, and collaborative opportunities that will empower our school community to become leaders in sustainability. We’ll work alongside other like-minded schools to develop innovative projects, implement eco-friendly practices, and engage our students in meaningful environmental education. Stay tuned for more updates on how we’re making a positive impact on our planet through our journey with The Alliance of Sustainable Schools. 

Sustainable Schools Charter - The Eight Pledges

Enable students to become sustainability stewards

Develop practices within our schools that enable students to develop the knowledge, skills & competencies required to become sustainability stewards.

Targets to reduce emissions & waste

Review our own policies & institutional operations to establish targets for the reduction of energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, water use & waste.

Sustainable Built Environment

Align where possible our built environment with sustainable design principles.

School as Living Laboratories for Sustainability

Support & establish facilities, research, & education programs designed to create a “living laboratory” for sustainability within our schools.

Operational Efficiency & Resource Use

Enhance operational efficiencies & manage consumption of resources in our schools through target-setting aligned with the spirit of this charter.

Climate Change & Sustainability in the Curriculum

Enhance students’ understanding of the inter-related environmental social & economic challenges of climate change & sustainability across all fields of study.

School-Community Collaboration

Seek opportunities to establish collaborative links with like-minded community entities in pursuit of the aims of this Charter.

Share Best Practice

Share key sustainability targets & best practices with our community stakeholders & Charter signatories.

TASS Ambassadors at Safa Community School

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