School Clinic

School Clinic

At Safa Community School, our utmost objectives are the health, safety and well-being of our students, staff and parents. We have placed health protocols and procedures in line with the Dubai Health Authority and KHDA to continuously adapt and execute the constant changes in our health services in order to ensure the safety and welfare of each individual in our community. 

Introduction to SCS Clinic

Safa Community School Clinic has two locations Primary in the Endeavour Building and Secondary in the Challenger Building. The Primary clinic provides the care to students in FS1 – Year 4 and the Secondary clinic from Year 5 to Year 13.

Each clinic is well equipped with separate areas of waiting, treatment and isolation rooms and high standards medical equipment including nebulizer, glucometer, ENT diagnostic set, sphygmomanometer and oxygen cylinders.

The Medical Team

As a team, we work together to ensure that our community is safe and healthy. As well as providing Medical care, we also partake in Health Awareness campaigns with students, staff and parents, throughout the year to highlight different Health topics relevant to our community such as:

  • Tips and advice on general health, healthy lunch boxes and snacks, injury prevention, immunity boosting and staying fit.
  • Healthy Eating Initiative and we ask parents to refrain from letting their children bring any fizzy/soft drinks, sweets, chocolates or anything in glass containers into school.
  • Water dispensers were installed throughout the campus to encourage all our students to drink plenty of water during the day.

As an addition to this, our clinic works with the school staff to provide support on the following educational programmes:

  • Hand washing focusing on the links between handwashing and food – including food hygiene and nutrition.  
  • Interactive educational oral hygiene talks to FS learners and basic dental checkups to the primary students.
  • Puberty talks to Year 5 and Year 6 students.
  • Breast cancer awareness talks to parents and staff.
Medical Team
Dr Nafisa Noor

Hello, I’m a teacher.

Ruth Gamboa
Ruth Gamboa
School Nurse
School Clinic At Safa Community School, our utmost objectives are the health, safety and well-being of our students, staff and parents. We have placed health protocols and procedures in line with the Dubai Health Authority and KHDA to continuously adapt and execute the constant changes in our health 
Remya Sajesh
Remya Sajesh
Primary Nurse

Hello, I’m a teacher.

Mary Ann Honrado
School Nurse (Y5-Y9)

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Kranti Rebello
Secondary Nurse

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Anita Carambias
Clinic Assistant

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Essential Information

The medical staff are always present during the school day. We are responsible to see and treat any students who attend feeling unwell or have an incident in school which requires First Aid treatment. To see and manage students who fall ill or have an incident during school hours and on school property until collected by a parent, guardian or carer, however we do not allow students to go home by other means of transportation unless they are escorted by a parent, guardian or carer. Those that fall sick or have an injury outside school timings and property are advised to be taken to see their own Family Doctor for proper assessment. 

The School Clinic is able to provide basic First Aid treatment and give simple medicines to treat fever or pain (which are authorised by the Dubai Health Authority –DHA- and with parental consent).  We are not licensed to and do not provide treatment such as giving IV fluids / injections, or do investigations such as blood tests or swabs. 

Due to the prevalence of nut allergies, parents are encouraged not to send any products containing nuts to school (including all nut butters and peanut butter). We are also a pork-free school.

We are able to give prescribed medication to students, whether it is a short course or daily medicine, as long as:

  1. We have a prescription from your Doctor with details and instructions
  2. The Medicine is provided to the clinic in its original bottle/casing, with clear and correct labelling (please do not provide medicines in single syringes or tupperwares/bottles which are unlabeled)
  3. Parents are required to sign a consent form for administration

Note: Students are not to carry any medicines with them in their personal belongings, as it is important for us to be aware if any medicines are taken in case of any allergic or anaphylactic reactions.

If your child is ill and absent from school, it is important for you to submit documentation from your Doctor as to the nature of the illness so that the absence can be declared as ‘Medical’ and hence, authorised. It is also important to provide the school clinic with documentation of any diagnosis from your Doctor, so that the clinic can keep this in our records, and more importantly, keep informed of any potential outbreaks in the school. As per DHA guidelines, we are only allowed to inform parents of cases if we have confirmed documentation from your Doctor, and there are 2 or more confirmed cases in a class. In order for us to keep abreast of potential outbreaks and prevent further spread of illnesses, we therefore ask for your cooperation to provide relevant documentation so that we are able to inform parents accordingly.

In order for us to maintain a healthy school environment, and keep our community safe from cross-infection, we ask parents to please read through our School Illness Policy. It details the guidelines and advice for parents to follow when their child is ill. We ask for your support to adhere to the policies so as to minimise spread of illness within our school community. 

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