Safa Houses

At Safa Community School we place a huge value on our House System and the personal development of students outside of the classroom environment. All students are given one of our four houses on their arrival at SCS helping to formulate part of their wider school identity and promote their social development. 

To promote the social development of a student at SCS we try to create a sense of belonging for our students by developing school pride, involvement and participation. A sense of belonging develops confidence in each learner which encourages self esteem. The house system encourages leadership potential amongst learners by developing trust, giving responsibility, and expecting accountability. House captains will be the leaders and act as role models and mentors to those other students in their house. They are responsible for promoting the ethos of their house and encourage participation of all members during competitions and events. 

The house system allows all learners to be involved and work towards some common goals alongside their peers. Throughout the year each child will almost certainly represent his/her House competitively at various times.

Essential Information

In order to raise the profile of our House System at Safa Community School, we have added house T-shirts to the school uniform requirement (applicable to FS2 – Year 12). These coloured house tops are a regular part of the school uniform with students being able to wear them on a number of Inter-House events such as sports days, cross-country, swim galas, house competitions and many more. 

In addition to the mandatory house T-shirt, students also have the chance to purchase additional optional sporting attire that can be used for PE lessons or ECA/Squad sessions.

Every Thursday children will have the opportunity to wear their House Top and PE shorts. If your child does not have a House Top, they can wear their school PE kit.

Where to buy the house tops?

Orders can be delivered home or collected from Robostores