Psychology (A-Level)

Psychology (A-Level)

Advanced Level Qualification

Sixth Form Overview

Students aged 17-18 years old

Course Outline

Psychology is the science of mind, brain, and behaviour. It seeks to understand why and how humans behave as they do through controlled scientific research. It is exactly on the border between science and social science / humanities: it borders Biology on the scientific side, and Sociology and Politics on the social sciences side. It provides balance to either scientists or social scientists and is one of the likely future subjects as neuroscience becomes the leading research field of the century.

  1. Social psychology
  2. Cognitive psychology
  3. Biological psychology
  4. Learning theories
  1. Clinical Psychology
  2. Criminal Psychology
  3. Child Psychology
  4. Health Psychology
  • Methods
  • Synoptic Review of Studies
  • Issues and Debates

To measure course progression students will be required to complete practicum and research on each topic.

Assessment Criteria
  • Externally assessed
  • Written examination
  • 33.3% of the total qualification
  • Externally assessed
  • Written examination
  • 33.3% of the total qualification
  • Externally assessed
  • 33.3% of the total qualification
  • Overview of content Paper 3 will assess content across all four themes.
  • Exam Board Edexcel
  • Course Code 9BS0
  • AS Available yes
  • Entry Requirements Grade 6 in GCSE Psychology or Biology
  • Exam Papers 3
  • Course Work Practical
  • Prior Study Optional

Course Progression

Students will have the opportunity to complete practicums in each topic area and will complete independent research in their area of choice. Psychology is a challenging, fascinating, and strongly academic, subject. Psychology is an excellent general complement to other sciences at A-Level; it is an opportunity to include a “human” science for those of a more English/ Humanities nature who don’t feel completely comfortable with conventional sciences but wish to show CV range; it is a rapidly expanding subject with strong career potential – the science of the 21st Century. Realistic careers include Management, Marketing, Advertising, Profiling, Recruitment, Education, Coaching / Training, Healthcare, Forensic Law, Forces Officership, Counselling / Therapy, and Research work.

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