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Welcome to Safa Community School which is driven by student voice and ownership. Where we treat every child as a unique individual whose ideas, opinions and questions are valued and drive the direction of the school.
Through child led learning experiences, our learners grow to be passionate, caring human beings who show empathy and respect for others and the world around them. As a forward thinking school, environmental education is embedded in our curriculum, which enables and inspires children to make a difference in the world, by making sustainable and innovative choices.
Our dedicated staff are encouraged and supported to provide high quality learning experiences which ignites a passion for learners to be: scientists, mathematicians, engineers, authors, leaders, advocates, artists, musicians and sports people.

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At SCS we follow the National Curriculum of England, and the primary school is broken into two key stages: Key Stage 1 (Year 1 and 2) and Key Stage 2 (Year 3 – 6). Our creative, child led curriculum is designed around overarching concepts, which provide students with real life context that integrates and connects all curriculum areas. As a school, we ensure that we offer a consistent and seamless progression as the children transition across the different phases throughout the primary school.

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Dawn Wearing

Dawn Wearing

Assistant Head Year 4-6

My name is Dawn Wearing and I am the Assistant Head of Year 4-6 at Safa Community school. I have been a very proud part of the Safa family for six years and take pride in getting to know each and every student that I work with. My role is to ensure that all students are provided with the very best pastoral support and care, to support their individual wellbeing and needs. I enjoy working in partnership with both students and parents in order to ensure that our students are provided with the tools and support that they need in order to achieve their full potential.

Linda Marmion

Assistant Head Year 1-3

My name is Linda Marmion and I am the Assistant Head of Year 1-3 here at Safa Community School. Wellbeing and pastoral care are at the heart of everything we do here in Safa and this is a huge part of my role. I love getting to know all the children and their families across the different year groups and working with them to ensure that all our learners have the confidence, support and resources that they need to be successful learners. We have dedicated wellbeing lessons in the curriculum as well as a wide and varied curriculum to ensure that all our learners and their passions are catered for. All our staff are here to help, support, guide and empower the children to follow their dreams and reach their goals.

Jack Luukas

Jack Luukas

Assistant Head Primary Curriculum & Assessment

My name is Jack Luukas and I am the Primary Assistant Head for Curriculum and Assessment. I am very lucky to have been part of the Safa family for five years and have very much enjoyed being a part of the exciting journey we have been on. We have been extremely innovative over the last five years, finding new and exciting ways to engage our students in their learning and also improving their digital literacy skills which will empower them with the much needed skills later in life. As well as overseeing our wonderful curriculum team, I also run the assessments and support our staff in tracking the attainment and progress of our students as well as supporting them in personalising their learning and teaching to ensure we get the best from all of our students and so that they reach their full potential.

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