History (A-Level)

History (A-Level)

Advanced Level Qualification

Sixth Form Overview

Students aged 17-18 years old

Course Outline

The aim of History at A-Level is to widen students’ experience and develop qualities of perception and judgement. History enables students to learn about the past; to understand the past and through this process, come to a far better understanding of the present; History also offers students the opportunity to acquire and improve on many of the key skills which have been identified as a priority for higher education after consultation with employers.

  • The changing political environment (19171980)
  • The quest for Civil Rights (19171980)
  • The changing quality of life (19171980)
  • Historical Interpretations: What impact did the Regan Presidency (19811989) have on the USA in the years 19811986
  • The response to apartheid (19481959)
  • Radicalisation of resistance and the consolidation of National Party power (19601968)
  • Redefining resistance and challenges to National Party power (19681983)
  • The end of apartheid and creation of the rainbow nation (19841994)
  • Rebellion and disorder under the Tudors (14851603)
  • Breadth Study with interpretations

An independent research project on any chosen theme over a period of 100 years

  • Exam Board Edexcel
  • Course Code 9H10
  • AS Available Yes
  • Entry Requirements Grade 6 in GCSE History and English Language
  • Exam Papers 3
  • Course Work No
  • Prior Study Compulsory
Assessment Criteria
  • Students will need to answer two essays that assess understanding of the period in breadth and one compulsory question that assesses the ability to analyse & evaluate historical interpretation
  • Written paper of 2hrs 15 mins
  • 30% of final ALevel grade
  • Students will need to answer one source question based on historical sources
  • Supplied with the paper and one depth essay question.
  • Written exam of 1hr 30mins
  • 20% of final ALevel grade
  • Students will complete one source question based on historical sources supplied and two essay questions.
  • Written exam of 2hrs 15mins
  • 30% of total ALevel
  • Students will produce one 3,000-4,000 word essay exploring an historical controversy and historical interpretations.
  • 20% of total A-Level

Course Progression

To follow the History course within the Sixth Form you would be expected to meet the general requirements for AS Level courses. In addition, because the subject is based on developing historical and written skills a Grade 6 or higher at (I)GCSE History and a Grade 6 in English Language is normally required.

The skills you will obtain through studying History will be useful in a number of careers and higher education options, either directly
related to History (e.g. working in museums, galleries, heritage sites, record offices and archives and teaching), or in areas such as
Journalism, Law, Libraries, National and Local Government, the Civil Service and business management.

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