German (A-Level)

German (A-Level)

Advanced Level Qualification

Sixth Form Overview

Students aged 17-18 years old

Course Outline

The A-level specification builds on the knowledge, understanding and skills gained at GCSE. It constitutes an integrated study with a focus on language, culture and society. The study of any Modern Foreign Language fosters a range of transferable skills including communication, critical thinking, research skills and creativity, which are valuable to the individual and to society. The content is suitable for students who wish to progress to employment or to further study, including a modern languages degree.

Papers 1 and 3 will be based on content from the following
four themes.

  • Theme 1: Gesellschaftliche Entwicklung in Deutschland
  • Theme 2: Politische und künstlerische Kultur im deutschen Sprachraum
  • Theme 3: Immigration und die deutsche multikulturelle Gesellschaft
  • Theme 4: Die Wiedervereinigung Deutschlands

The four themes address a range of social issues and trends, as well as aspects of the political and artistic culture of Germany and Germanspeaking countries.

Themes 1, 3, and 4 focus on aspects of society or history of Germany only. Theme 2 requires students to broaden their knowledge across any German speaking country/countries
and/or community/communities.

Each theme is broken into three subthemes. These subthemes are each exemplified further.

Alevel students will be expected to have studied the grammatical system and structures of the language during their course.

The independent research project may be based on any of the four themes of study or on a subject of interest of the student’s choosing, but must relate to the cultural and social context of the language studied. The independent research project must: 

  • Be based on a question or statement defined and
    developed by the student individually to investigate a particular area of interest specifically related to the culture and/or society of one of the target language countries or communities.
  • Include evidence of the student’s research findings,
    investigated independently, from a range of authentic sources, including the internet.
  • Enable the student independently to contextualise, analyse and summarise findings.
  • Enable the student to identify at least two written sources, which they can summarise and give a personal response to in their presentation.
  • Exam Board Edexcel
  • Course Code 9GN0
  • AS Available Yes
  • Entry Requirements GCSE Grade 6 & HOD Approval
  • Exam Papers 3
  • Course Work No
  • Prior Study Compulsory

Assessment Criteria

  • A listening assessment based on a recording, featuring male and female German speakers. Students will respond to comprehension questions based on a variety of contexts and sources.
  • A reading assessment based on a variety of text types and genres where students will have to respond to comprehension questions.
  • An unseen passage to be translated from German to English.
  • 40% of final A Level grade, 2 hours, 80 marks
  • Students translate an unseen passage from English into German.
  • Students must write an extended response on either two literary texts or one literary text and one film.
  • 30% of final A Level grade, 2 hours 40 minutes, 120 marks
  • Task 1 discussion on a Theme Students discuss one theme from the specification based on a stimulus containing two different statements.
  • Task 2/part A independent research presentation Students present a summary of at least two of the written sources they have used for their research and give a personal response to what they have read.
  • Task 2/part B discussion on independent research Students answer questions on their presentation and then have a wider discussion on their research.
  • 30% of final A Level grade, 2123 minutes, 72 marks

Course Progression and Additional Information

The study of any Modern Foreign Language combines well with all other subjects. Due to the range of topics covered in the course,
languages combine well with English Literature, Drama, Politics, History and Social Sciences. From a linguistic point of view, languages
combine well with Mathematics and Music. The vast majority of degree courses allow students to continue a language alongside other
subjects and often therefore offer the opportunity to study abroad to further develop linguistic skills.

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