English Literature (A-Level)

English Literature (A-Level)

Advanced Level Qualification

Sixth Form Overview

Students aged 17-18 years old

Course Outline

This course will be of interest if you have a genuine passion for English Literature. Through the study of influential works from the English Canon, students will develop a greater insight into the core values that underpin modern society and a deeper understanding of the human condition. The subject can be studied at both AS and ALevel.

Independent study and wider reading are at the forefront in the specification at both AS Level and ALevel and students should be prepared for extensive reading of poetry, prose, drama, nonfiction and literary criticism relevant to the course. The variety of assessment styles used, such as passagebased questions, unseen material, single text questions, multiple text questions and open and closedbook approaches allows students to develop a wide range of skills, such as the ability to read critically, analyse, evaluate and undertake independent research which are valuable for both further study and future employment.

  • A selection of post2000 poetry from Poems of the Decade: An Anthology of the Forward Books of Poetry 20022011
  • One post2000 prose fiction text from a choice of five texts
  • One pre1900 drama text from a choice of five and
  • One post1900 drama text from a choice of five.
  • Post-1900 unseen poetry
  • Two prose fiction texts, from a choice of three texts,
    covering one theme (choice of four themes).
  • One Shakespeare text from a choice of four
  • One specified collection of pre1900 poems from one
    literary movement, from a choice of three.
  • Exam Board Edexcel
  • Course Code XET01
  • AS Available Yes
  • Entry Requirements Grade 7 in English Language/Literature
  • Exam Papers 2
  • Course Work No
  • Prior Study Optional

Assessment Criteria

  • A written paper of 2 hours
  • Open book exam. (50% of
    IAS final grade and 25% of  IAL)
  • A written paper of 2 hours
  • Open book exam. (50% of
    IAS final grade and 25% of  IAL)
  • A written paper of 2hrs
  • Open book exam. (25%%
    of total IALevel final
  • A written paper of 2 hours
  • Open book exam. (25% of
    total IALevel final grade)

Course Progression

  • Higher education courses such as journalism, media, language, literature and law.
  • A wide range of careers ranging from editing, teaching, writing and creative arts.
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