English Language (GCSE)

English Language (GCSE)

Sixth Form Overview

Students aged 17-18 years old

Course Outline

The IGCSE Edexcel English Language A content features an appropriate, updated and engaging selection of texts ranging from British heritage to global cultures. Anthology texts are exciting and suitable for all students, due to the diverse range of authors included. The texts to be studied comprise poetry and prose as well as non-fiction literature

Topics Studied

Students will study non-fiction texts focusing on transactional writing skills. Students will improve their reading skills with a mixture of
questions related to their anthology and one unseen text.

How it’s assessed

Component 1 – Coursework portfolio

Poetry and Prose Texts / Imaginative Writing
40% of the international GCSE
Internally Assessed
Total of 60 marks
Assignment A: Essay question based on two poetry or two
prose texts. 30 marks available.
Two pieces of written coursework.
Assignment B: Imaginative Writing. 30 marks available.
Students will be provided with poetry and prose texts.

Component 2 – Examination

Paper 1: Non-fiction Texts and Transactional Writing
60% of the International GCSE
Externally Assessed
Total of 90 marks
Section A: Reading – A mixture of questions relating to the
anthology and one unseen extract. Total of 45 marks.
Examination duration is 2 hours and 15 minutes.
Section B: Transactional Writing – A choice of writing tasks,
focusing on purpose, audience and form. Total of 45 marks.
Students will be provided with the anthology text in the

Why choose it?

Although, the English language is not the most spoken language in the world, it is the official language spoken in sixty countries. It is
estimated that two billion people communicate in English, every single day! English is widely regarded as the language of higher
education. Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard and MIT are English speaking Universities, who desire all students to contain a GCSE English
Language pass.

  • Exam Board : EDEXCEL
  • Course Code 4EA1
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