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Parent Feedback & Complaints

At Safa Community School we believe that students and parents are entitled to expect courteous and prompt, careful attention to their needs and wishes. The School takes very seriously any complaints and concerns that may arise which involves either your own child or the School as a whole. We also welcome suggestions and feedback on how to improve the School.

We will give prompt and serious attention to any areas of dissatisfaction. We anticipate that most concerns will be resolved quickly in an informal manner by approaching the appropriate member of staff. If this does not achieve the desired result, we have a procedure for dealing with concerns.

SCS recognises and acknowledges the parental entitlement to complain or raise a grievance and will endeavour to work with parents in the best interests of the students in our care. The culture of the School is open and complaints are received in a positive manner. If a parent is in doubt about whether or not to raise a concern, we would encourage them to contact the School, as we are here to help. We would ask, however, that together the school and parents present a united front in order to avoid any child receiving potentially confusing or conflicting messages.

We aim to bring all concerns about the running of the School to a satisfactory conclusion for all parties involved, to ensure a good quality of service students and parents, to provide the best practice while following legislation, to guarantee transparency through open communication with parents and staff alike, and to maintain a good working relationship between everyone involved with the school. We will make every effort to resolve any issues within our setting.

This policy may be used by anyone who has a concern, suggestion, compliment, feedback or complaint about any aspect of the School. In essence this will mean the parents and carers of the School’s students, but may include neighbours of the school, or any other members of the local community.

Confidentiality is vital. All conversations and correspondence will be treated with discretion and respect. The subject of the communication including any personal information will only be shared between staff on a ‘need to know’ basis. Knowledge of such will be limited to the Principal and/or Head of School and those who may be directly involved. It is the School’s policy that complaints made by parents will not have any adverse effect on their children in any way.

In the event of some complaints it may be necessary to involve a third party, such as government authorities and/or the police, and should this be deemed appropriate, the School will ensure the complainant is also aware of this referral at the time.

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