Year 7 : Students will begin the year with a unit which introduces the study of history and examines changes to the medieval kings from 1066-1381. Students will study The Battle of Hastings and interpretations of King John. The will also study the lives of ordinary medieval people. In the Sprin term, the students learn about world history and Britain wherein they will study the Crusades. They will also examine great changes brought about by Tudor Monarchs. The Summer term will cover social problems in Tudor and Stuart England including the Great Fire of London and the Plague. They will also study the impact of European settlers on the lives of the Native Americans

Year 8 : The Autumn term will cover Britain 1750-1900, looking at topics under Industrial Revolution. They will also study protest and the rise of People Power including Chartists and Suffragettes. The Spring term will cover Britain 1750-1900 where students will examine the development of the British Empire and the Impact of Colonies. They will also study the development and abolition of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. The Summer Term covers World History, British and European History. Students will study the American Civil Rights Movement and think about its relevance today. Students will also study the History of Immigration and how it has shaped our culture.

Year 9 : The students start the year learning about European history post 1900 including the two world wars and why it is so important to remember them. Under World History post 2000, students cover topics including Cold War, as well as post colonial world and impact of empire on those they ruled. The students complete the year with study of Britain since 1945 and the Middle East.

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