Year 7 : Core skills used in geography are developed in this unit. Scale, grid references, compass directions and relief will all be developed from KS2. Under Ecosystems, students learn about the interaction of factors that create different biomes. Students will the focus on examples of ecosystems, The Amazon Rainforest and Polar Regions, and look at the impact humans have at a variety of scales and the variety of possible futures we face. As one of the fastest growing industries in the world, students will be studying why tourism has grown so rapidly as well as the impact it has had. The unit will then focus on the idea of sustainable tourism as a potential future. Students will look at both the site and function of various settlements.  Students will develop an understanding of the growth of urban areas and the issues this brings

Year 8 : Population is one of the key topics covered in the first term – population growth and migration are some of the most controversial topics. Students will explain inequalities in population distribution and the impact various types of migration have had around the world. Students also cover rivers and their impact across various countries and humans that live around them. Under developing countries, students explore India and will learn about its main features, population distribution and they will also look at the innovative ways the people of India are dealing the challenges they face. Other units cover crime and the role geography plays in prediction and prevention. Under Warming Planet, students will focus on how it is caused, the disastrous effects on the planet and how it can be limited.

Year 9 : Students learn about climate and weather changes in the current context as well as understand human responses to natural hazards. The country study focuses on China and its increasing global influence while also understanding its physical environment and the population. Poverty related issues are studied under global development and what measures various governments are taking to solve the problem. Under Environmental Solutions, students will look at ways we can prevent environmental disaster such as species extinction or resource depletion. Students will cement their understanding of sustainable development and possible futures.

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