Geography is widely recognised by world leaders and top universities as an extremely important subject in today’s fast paced, ever changing world. It allows students to develop a greater understanding of global issues and their place in a dynamic world. Geography develops the skills and attributes which young people now require in order to become responsible citizens, confident individuals, successful learners and effective contributors. At Safa we ensure that learning is engaging, contextualized and meaningful and our courses encourage critical thinking and challenge at all levels. In Geography, the journey to success begins at the start of year 7 where essential foundation knowledge and skills are established. Throughout the course of KS3 and KS4 students are provided with a bespoke learning experience to suit their individual learning needs and ensure they achieve their full potential at GCSE. Our high academic standards are continually maintained by looking inwards, outwards and forwards. Looking inwards: teachers use a wide spectrum of data to plan and deliver lessons, assessment is timely and rigorous and feedback is regular and effective. This allows teachers to provide the correct balance of support and challenge and allows students to make continual progress. Looking outwards: Geography teachers at Safa previously taught in outstanding schools and therefore have awareness and understanding of how to achieve outstanding exam results at GCSE and A level. Teachers also engage regularly with practitioners from other departments to challenge their own thinking and develop their pedagogy. Looking forward: Geography teachers regularly engage with current educational research as well as the exam board to ensure students are fully prepared for forthcoming exams and their future.

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