Year 7: During the year students will study schemes of work which include 5 main topic areas of; poetry, prose, media, drama and non-fiction. The aim is to introduce students to the breadth of skills that encompass the study of English Language and Literature. These are offered through a mix of recent and contemporary fiction, Literary non-fiction (diaries, biographies, autobiographies), classic literature and media texts (editorials, leaflets, adverts) as well as poetry and productions. Active investigations of languages, their variations and dramatic performances of various classics are part of the Year 7 experience.

Year 8: Building on the skills developed, students are encouraged to explore, problem-solve, connect and shape ideas and identify the best way to plan their writing. Writing in a range of forms and structures are explored. Students will be involved in a variety of speaking and listening activities; reading a range of literary and non-literary texts from different periods; writing for different audiences and purposes with emphasis given to handwriting, spelling, punctuation and grammar. They will also participate in drama and ICT and consider cross-curricular themes.

Year 9: During the year students will be involved in a variety of speaking and listening activities; read a range of texts, including poetry, a novel, a play and a variety of non-fiction texts. Narrative, descriptive and discursive tasks are incorporated to hone writing skills. Students learn to select from a range of strategies the most appropriate ways to locate, retrieve and compare information and ideas from a variety of texts. Students conclude Key Stage 3 having built a good foundation for Key Stage 4.


National Curriculum Levels 4-7 are used for assessing students at KS3. In exceptional cases for extremely bright students, the level 8 can be used. A balanced assessment of Reading; Writing or Speaking and Listening over the year is achieved through each assessment unit. Several informal assessments are conducted over the year based on targets set. Reading and Writing at the end of the year are assessed through a formal test.

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