Design and Technology

Year 7

Food Technology

In Year 7 all pupils will be introduced to the concept of healthy eating by focusing on the preparation of various components of meals. They will learn about healthy eating guidelines such as Five a Day and the Eatwell Plate and use this knowledge to make sensible food choices. Health and Safety are key issues and pupils will focus on preparing food in a safe and hygienic environment. Product, self and peer evaluation is an integral part of each lesson.


Pupils will explore the textiles design process through working on a Secret Garden design project . They will be designing for themselves and using textiles skills to create a visually interesting and demanding final product. The aim of the project is to build confidence with practical skills, whilst also understanding and emphasising the importance of health and safety and independent work practice.

Year 8

Textiles – Festival

The products they make are part of a ‘goodie bag’ idea. The bag would be given to potential visitors to their festival. They design and make a drawstring bag and 3 juggling balls. The colouration techniques are tie dye, stenciling and transfer crayons. They will also be able to use the sewing machines in the constructions of these products. The pupils also design and make VIP passes, posters, tickets and a map of the venue.

Food Technology

Pupils will continue to build upon the skills gained in Year 7. Pupils will extend their knowledge about healthy eating guidelines by modifying suggested menus to make healthy choices. The focus of the Year 8 design brief is to be able to prepare meals that a teenager could make for the family

Year 9

All pupils experience each Design and Technology area within the academic year. The Year 9 DT curriculum is designed to consolidate two years’ experience of KS3 DT, allowing pupils to make an informed choice when making their options choice. We will also focus upon developing pupils creative, practical, time-management, organisational and life skills. Pupils will be required to choose two out of three DT subjects to study in Year 9. They will study two subjects for 18 weeks each.

Pupils will follow a particular theme/context across the subject areas.

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