Primary Learning Enhancement

Catering for the needs of all children

At Safa Community School we believe that every child is unique and special and we aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum for all. We are committed to developing cultures, policies and practices that are inclusive.

We have systems to identify when children have barriers affecting their learning and tailor specific interventions to enable pupils to overcome their barriers. This practice of personalising learning applies to all pupils across the learning spectrum and for academically more able pupils this means provision of weekly challenges as well as opportunities to attend events to develop their particular talents.

Excellence is encouraged and celebrated. Work is well planned, challenging and differentiated appropriately and the whole-school curriculum is planned to provide exciting and creative learning opportunities. Expectations are consistently high across the school and children are encouraged to be independent thinkers and learners and to have enquiring minds.

Where children are identified as needing additional learning support, the school uses a system of School Action, School Action Plus or Statementing. We ensure that each child’s needs are individually and appropriately catered for and that any relevant outside agencies are involved in providing guidance and support.

Through assessments and/or observations a teacher may feel a child needs to be placed on the Special Needs Register. With support from the Special Educational Needs (SEND) Co-ordinator, an Individual Education Plan (IEP) is written for the child identifying three key targets. These targets are shared with parents and the child and are reviewed regularly to assess pupil progress.

The SEND Co-ordinator is responsible for supporting, planning and monitoring interventions and IEP reviews. This monitoring is used to ensure systems are effective and impact positively on pupil progress.

Following discussion with parents, pupils may be placed onto the SEN Register at some point in their school career. For many, this involves a short burst of targeted intervention which may lead to them being removed again, while for others the support process is a longer one. In all cases our aim is to provide the very best education for pupils, allowing all children to fully achieve their potential.

English as a Second Language

English is the teaching medium at Safa Community School. It is necessary that all children attending have a level of English understanding that enables them to access the curriculum being taught in the classroom.

To make the transitions into an English teaching medium, for all children with elementary English comprehension, we require that English language lessons are attended outside of school hours. This will help your child settle well into their new class, make friends and feel confident as they familiarise themselves with Safa Community School.