Languages at Safa Community School

One of the areas of particular focus at Safa Community School is the teaching of foreign languages with languages as diverse as Mandarin, German, French and Spanish being offered by subject specialists from Year 1.

Primary students have two sessions per week and secondary students three sessions a week.

Arabic Studies

SCS offers Arabic A for native speakers and Arabic B for non-natives following KHDA and Ministry of Education guidelines. Our strong Arabic programme is taught by qualified and experienced teachers who are native Arabic speakers. From Year 2, students are placed in ability groups: beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.

Languages at SCS

Whilst second language options are available in French, Spanish, Mandarin and German, we also offer Mother Tongue French and Spanish.

There is also an opportunity for an additional 1.5 hour of Mother Tongue after school each week.

Within the MFL curriculum our aims are that children can:

  • learn about different cultures and develop tolerance;
  • be engaged in a range of activities which are planned and delivered at the appropriate level for the age and language ability of the group;
  • develop their reading, speaking, listening and writing skills through a gradual approach and
  • develop their abilities with a wide repertoire of skills.

Languages for Parents

The school also offers language classes for parents. Classes take place once a week. The aim is for parents to be able to help their children with homework and also to learn a new language together in a relaxed and sociable environment. Arabic classes are very popular with up to fifteen parents per class.

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