Inclusion at SCS

Inclusion at SCS

SCS is a community committed to Inclusion, where personalised learning puts the child at the heart of the curriculum.  We follow the well-being model to ensure that each child is supported emotionally and socially as well as academically.

Within our diverse school community, there will be many students that have additional requirements.  This may include children with social, emotional and academic challenges, children that are gifted and talented, and children that are English Language Learners.  The Inclusion Team support personalised learning, where appropriate, through specific targeted interventions or enhancements, and curriculum or environment adaptations.

Our community ethos ensures that children of determination are supported by their own team, with parents, teachers, external specialists and the Inclusion Team working together to provide a personalised plan.  This individual approach ensures that each child has the tools they need to feel secure in their learning journey to become a confident and independent learner.


Identification of special education needs may have occurred before joining SCS, in which case the information relevant to the child is passed to the school to enable the Inclusion Team and teachers to understand the child’s needs prior to their start date.  Alternatively, formal and informal assessment within the school, highlighting strengths and barriers to learning, will enable teachers and inclusion staff to personalise learning through curriculum adaptions and targeted interventions to suit the needs of the individual learner.  All staff at SCS are committed to early identification and positive reinforcement to not only support academic success, but to build confidence, resilience and emotional intelligence.





Teachers, along with the Inclusion Team, personalise learning by providing an inclusive learning environment that builds on each child’s strengths and successes.  Barriers to learning, or challenges, are supported through targeted in-class support, focus groups or targeted 1:1 interventions.  We carefully monitor the progress of our students, ensuring that parents are an integral part of the monitoring and feedback cycle.

Additional advice and support is also available from our Inclusion Head, our pastoral team, through our partnership with Kidsfirst, school counsellors or our school BCBA (behaviour analyst).

The Safa community extends a welcome to all students, regardless of background, culture or needs.  We are highly committed to removing barriers to learning, supporting our children to feel valued members of our Safa family.

Below is a link to the Dubai Inclusion Framework and our own Inclusion Policy.

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