Flexi FS1 and modern languages program

Flexi – FS1

The Flexi-FS1 is an attempt to provide parents the option of easing their children slowly, with more flexibility, into the overall school experience. Every child progresses at a different rate and there should be no rush or anxiety for the parents to acclimatise their child into the school experience. The Flexi-FS1 stream is conceptualised to provide parents with exactly this flexibility while also providing them the option of switching to the mainstream when they feel their child is ready.

The Flexi-FS1 will essentially give parents the flexibility to:

  • Continue using the current 5-day a week FS1 option, as before, with no changes to timings.
  • Choose a 3-day or 4-day option instead of a 5-day option in the first two terms (note that all children will need to attend 5 days in the final term as they prepare for FS2).
  • Enjoy a longer drop-off period to suit those who want an early drop-off or a later drop-off.
  • Choose to stay later in the day to suit work commitments or to fit in with sibling collection times.

Introduction of foreign languages in foundation Stage

To instil a love for languages SCS will be introducing more languages at the Foundation Stage (FS2). The foreign languages offered would be French, Spanish and Arabic (already offered). The school is also considering the option of offering German, Mandarin and Urdu at Foundation Stage but this is subject to a minimum number of children registering interest in these languages.

The languages will be taught in a fun, child-friendly way incorporating songs, folk dances and other elements of language that children can easily relate to. These languages will be offered at no additional cost and will be incorporated as part of the overall curriculum.

FS1 Drop-off and Pick-up Timings

Normal 5-day FS1 Option
The drop-off timings for this option7.30am – 7.50am
Pick-up Timings for this option12.45pm or 2.20pm
UniformPE Kit
Flexi-FS1 Option (3-day or 4-day options)
The drop-off timings for this option7.30am – 8.30am
Pick-up Timings for this option12.45pm or 2.20pm
UniformPE Kit
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