Admission Fees

Fee Structure

Registration Fee

AED 500 (Non-refundable, non-transferable, non-adjustable)

Medical Fee

AED 1,500 (Annual)

Security Deposit

  1. For students joining September 2019, AED 4,000 is to be paid through a Post Dated Cheque, dated 15th June 2019. This is offset against your Term 1 fees;
    1. If the student is joining for Term 2 or Term 3, the Post Dated Cheque will be dated 15th December 2018 or 15th March 2019 respectively.
  1. For all students, an undated security cheque of AED 4,000 is to be provided. This cheque is retained by the school (not cashed) and returned at the time of the student leaving the school, assuming one full term notice is given.
  2. Places are only secured once the deposit & security cheques have been provided to the school.


Year GroupTuition Fees for 2018-19Term 1Term 2Term 3
FS148,69219,477 14,608 14,608
FS248,69219,477 14,608 14,608
Year 150,76420,306 15,229 15,229
Year 250,76420,306 15,229 15,229
Year 350,76420,306 15,229 15,229
Year 452,83621,134 15,851 15,851
Year 554,90821,963 16,472 16,472
Year 656,98022,792 17,094 17,094
Year 767,34026,936 20,202 20,202
Year 867,34026,936 20,202 20,202
Year 971,484 28,594 21,445 21,445
Year 1072,00028,80021,60021,600
Year 1174,00029,60022,20022,200

(Paid for the full term even if the child does not attend every day)

Methods of payment

Payment can be made by: Cash. Cheque – All cheques to be made payable to: Safa Community School. Returned cheques will incur an administrative charge of 500Dhs. Bank Transfer – State the name of the child/children and the invoice number on all transactions. Please forward a copy of the transaction to the Accountant for our records.

Fee Payment Options and Refund Policy

Cash, cheque and bank transfers are accepted.

Click here to download a copy of the Fee and Refund Policy.

For More Information About Safa Community School Fees

If you require further details regarding school fees for Safa Community School or payment of school fees , please click here to contact us.

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