Term Dates

The table below shows the term dates:

Term 1Dates
Y7 and Y12 Students Induction in School**Thursday, 27th August 2020**
FS1, Y7, Y12, Y13andNew Students in School**Sunday, 30th August 2020**
Start of Term 1 for All StudentsMonday, 31st August 2020
Staff Training: School Closed for StudentsThursday,15th October 2020
Half TermSunday,18th October 2020 to Thursday ,22nd October 2020
Prophet’s Birthday*Thursday, 29th October 2020*
Commemoration Day*Tuesday,1st December 2020*
National Day*Wednesday, 2nd December 2020 to
Thursday, 3rd December 2020*
End of Term1Thursday,10th December 2020
Term 2Dates
Term 2 StartsSunday, 3rd January 2021
Staff Training: School Closed for StudentsThursday,11th February 2021
HalfTermSunday, 14th February 2021 to Thursday,18th February 2021
End of Term2Thursday, 25th March 2021
Term 3Dates
Term 3 StartsSunday, 11th April 2021
Expected Start and End of Ramadan*Tuesday, 13th April 2021* to Wednesday, 12th May 2021*
Expected Eid Al-Fitr*Thursday,13th May 2021*to Saturday,15th May 2021*
End of Term 3Thursday, 1stJuly 2021

*Actual dates are subject to change.
**Timings for these dayswill be forwarded at a later date.

To download a copy of the Term Dates 2019-20 please click here.

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