Academic Overview

As Safa Community School, it is our aim to provide our post 16 students with a stimulating and purposeful curriculum, leading to qualifications which are internationally recognised and accepted as entry requirements for Higher Education. We aim to offer students a broad and balanced curriculum combined with opportunities to develop into responsible members of the adult community.

With the ongoing changes to A Levels we have seen fundamental changes to the sixth form syllabus over the past few years. The standard offer is for students’ to begin with three subjects in Year 12, although some will take four, depending on student ability. Students wishing to sit four subjects will need a GCSE grade profile to reflect this, and therefore will be required to achieve 6 As/7s or above at GCSE to begin four A Level courses.  It is important to note that Universities ask for three grades as entry/requirements and therefore this is in the best interest of most students. Only a select number of courses at certain Universities require more than three A Levels, for example a small number of courses require an AS qualification in Further Mathematics.

At Safa Community School we offer three pathways within the Sixth Form. These are the ‘Traditional’ International A level pathway, combination (International A level and BTEC) and the ‘BTEC’ pathway. In line with other International and Independent Schools subjects will only run with viable course numbers. The Head of Sixth Form and Sixth Form Team will do their utmost to ensure that students are coursed for their first choices. Entry onto the A-Level programme is conditional and therefore dependent upon students obtaining the (I)GCSE grade requirement for that individual subject and the general requirements.

We reserve the right to not run a course if there is insufficient demand. Students have to study a minimum of three A Levels to be registered with the SCS Sixth Form. Therefore there is no opportunity for students on three subjects to drop one after AS Level. It is important to note that students are embarking on a two-year course and as such the AS examinations aim to provide an external checkpoint, rather than a cash-in opportunity.

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